32nd National Risk Management Training Conference
San Diego, California
April 22-26, 2018
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Peer Groups

FIRMA peer groups are comprised of FIRMA members who are interested in networking with other members.  The groups are organized in some cases by geography (eg: east coast), discipline (eg: audit), business covered (eg: personal trust), or randomly.  Most of the peer groups meet by phone several times per year.   FIRMA began offering peer groups to members in 2016 as a benefit of membership.  Peer groups range in size from five or six members to 15 or 20.  The peer group leaders decide how they wish to organize and how many members they would like to have.  FIRMA populates the peer groups with members who express interest in joining.  If you would like to join a FIRMA peer group either as a leader or a member, please contact the FIRMA office at (770) 790-8355 or thefirma@att.net.