Appraiser Info

National Appraiser Registry The National Registry is a fully searchable database containing selected information about the Nation's State certified and licensed real estate appraisers. The Registry contains information about appraisers who currently are, or have been, certified or licensed by a U.S. State, Territory or possession to perform appraisals in connection with Federally-related real estate transactions.

SPARDATA (Securities Pricing And Research, Inc.) - is a leading appraiser of “hard to value assets” such as privately owned stocks, partnership interests, real estate mortgages, life insurance policies and other securities that generally have no CUSIP® number. Trust institutions should strive to have all their customers’ hard-to-value assets priced annually, both for compliance reasons and also because doing so grows the asset base and consequently fee income. SPARDATA’s Guide To Hard-To-Value Assets is a free 190-page compendium of rules, regulations and trust institution best practices to manage these assets effectively whether they are held in ERISA, IRA or custodial accounts. The Resources page includes a free database of limited partnership secondary market trades and trading firms, reference materials and more.