FIRMA Membership Categories

The membership of the Fiduciary and Investment Risk Management Association consists of four individual member categories: Certified, Sustaining, Emeritus, and Student Members.

Certified Members are defined as individuals who can provide proof of professional certification in the practice of audit, compliance or risk management, through a recognized sponsoring entity, throughout the various supporting financial services industries. Certified Members are required to comply with the formal continuing education requirements of FIRMA, as well as attesting to the requirements of their sponsoring entity. FIRMA’s CE requirements can be found here:

Sustaining Members are defined as individuals employed in the financial services industry or supporting services. For Sustaining status, certification within the industry is not needed, nor is there a continuing education requirement.

Emeritus Members are defined as individuals who are retired from active employment in the specific industry of their certification. The member must have achieved certification during their professional career and must have been a member of FIRMA and/or its predecessor association for at least five years. Qualified members who wish to move to Emeritus status should make a request in writing to the FIRMA Office.

Student Members are defined as individuals currently enrolled full-time or part-time at an accredited university in a financial services area of study. Student membership carries no annual dues. Individuals may maintain Student member status for up to two years. Student members do not have voting privileges but may participate in peer groups and receive member discounts to FIRMA events.

FIRMA does not offer corporate memberships.