Tax Matters

U.S. Tax Code This site allows you to access the complete text of the IRS Code in a variety of ways. Links are imbedded in the text and it has a search engine. You can search by Code section or by key words. The Code is over 6,000 normal print pages in length and this site makes locating specific information much easier.

IRS Regulations You can review all Tax Regulations issued since August 1, 1995 with references to plain language summaries. A link to the IRS Bulletins is also included along with an Archive section that allows downloads of previous regulations.

IRS Forms & Publications The site allows you to download current and prior years' IRS Forms and Instructions. You can search for the proper form by name, number or date. It has a link to State Tax Forms and shows you how to e-file for a quicker refund.

Estate & Gift Tax Laws The site links you to Title 26 of the IRS Code. The provisions relating to Estate and Gift Taxes are found in Subpart B. The entire Title is searchable. The Notes link allows you to compare the provisions of the 1986 Code with the 1939 version.