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Focus Session I: What's Key in KRIs

Tuesday, April 24, 2018 2:30 PM - 4:30 PM


Michael D. Coyne

SVP, Risk & Regulatory Oversight
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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Session Description

Please join us for a special In-Conference Seminar to discuss key risk indicators, monitoring, and reporting related to duciary accounts and activity. This session will include an open dialogue among all participants to share ideas and best practices relating to the following topics:

  • Key Risk Indicator reporting and development

  • Key performance metrics and reporting

  • Considering ‘value’ when developing KRIs

  • Determining and supporting thresholds

  • Forward-looking risk indicators

  • Sound governance structures and escalation

‚ÄčRisk management programs for asset managers and ducia- ries—including the use of risk metrics—are a continuing area of focus for regulators and auditors. This session will support a broad discussion of best practices for duciary risk indicator identi - cation, reporting, review, and ongoing monitoring. We will also discuss approached to ensure that KRIs are valuable and mean- ingful to our organizations, and can be used to drive effective risk management processes.

This session will be bene cial for both business-line personnel and independent risk professionals from enterprise or internal au- dit functions. We will also discuss current issues and challenges facing the industry relating to the development and reporting of key risk indicators, and we hope to provide all attendees with a great opportunity for information sharing and the development of useful best practices to take back to their respective organiza- tions.

Session Material

Fiduciary Monitoring, KRIs and Other Risk Metrics