FIRMA Board of Director Duties and Requirements

Directors of FIRMA are elected by the members of the association who are in good standing with their continuing education credits and have paid their dues by April 1st of the year in which an election for directors is held or by the previous year-end if the election is held prior to April.  A director's term of service is for a 3 year fiscal period (see by-laws for details) beginning immediately after election to the Board. The following list of requirements and expectations has been established to ensure that the professionals who choose to apply for nomination and are elected, understand the level of commitment necessary. Should the Board collectively determine that the service of a particular director is inadequate, these requirements will serve as a standard to be measured against.

  • Participation in no less than 75% of regular and special Board meetings, either in person or by phone. The Board meets at least six (6) times a year.  Mandatory attendance is requested at the national conference planning session each summer (i.e. Saturday all-day session). Participation in directly contacting and obtaining speakers and/or sponsors for the national training conference is strongly encouraged.  Attendance at the national conference and at least one regional seminar is strongly encouraged.
  • Participation in one or more committees as chair, member, or advisor. This can be for standing committees (Education, Finance, Marketing, Nominating, Website, Development, Membership or Emerging Issues), or for special purpose ad-hoc committees (i.e. By-law revisions).
  • Support of the director's employer must be obtained in order to fully participate (i.e. the time commitment required) and the employer should be willing to share in the cost of travel and miscellaneous expenses associated with being a Board member of FIRMA.  It is estimated that at least 3 to 4 weeks of business time, per year, be available for the individual serving as a director.  Officers and Committee chair people may have to put in more time.  Many FIRMA meetings are scheduled over weekends so there is a personal time commitment as well.
  • Directors must decide on the power/authority of the Board to be delegated to a committee, an elected officer, or the Executive Director.
  • Directors ratify the approval of transactions or actions of the committees or individuals that exercise the authority delegated to them.

In recognition of the time commitment and service to the organization, FIRMA shall provide each director with a paid trip to the National Conference annually (includes expenses only for airfare, conference fee, and hotel room). Estimated value of FIRMA's commitment is $4,000 annually to each director.

If any member is interested in learning more about or becoming a FIRMA board member, please contact:

Hale Mast at (803) 547-8964 or