Marketing Committee


The Marketing Committee (“MC”) consists of a target of eleven certified or sustaining members of FIRMA. All members will be in good standing. One member will be the current Executive Director of FIRMA and at least one member will be a current member of the Board of Directors of FIRMA. The Board member(s) will chair (or may co-chair) the committee. There will be no maximum term limit for members; although a minimum two-year commitment is required. New members will be invited by soliciting the Board and the membership for possible candidates to serve.

Mission Statement:

  • The Marketing Committee is committed to developing and implementing marketing initiatives and activities to increase awareness of the association and attract new members.
  • The Marketing Committee is committed to providing compelling and innovative promotional and marketing materials in order to enhance attendance at FIRMA training programs.
  • The Marketing Committee is committed to being ambassadors for FIRMA within the industry.


The Board of Directors of FIRMA has delegated the implementation and administration of the Marketing Plan to the Marketing Committee. The Committee will be responsible for developing strategies to achieve objectives identified by the Board. Additional responsibilities include:

  • Implement strategic programs to advertise/market FIRMA.
  • Represent FIRMA at conferences or other industry gatherings/events as directed by the Board.
  • Provide membership materials to prospective members.
  • Provide support to other FIRMA Committees

To carry out such responsibilities, the MC has the authority (with approval of FIRMA board) to establish sub-committees as deemed appropriate to meet the needs of the Board.

Committee Meetings:

The Marketing Committee will hold an annual onsite meeting to review marketing objectives and identify strategies and any other matters regarding the Marketing Plan; however, throughout each term year telephone meetings are encouraged every other month or as deemed appropriate, to conduct other committee business.

Supporting Documentation:

It is the responsibility of the Marketing Committee to adequately document all meetings, recommendations and action plans. The current Chairperson will electronically maintain all documents. In addition, all documents will be permanently maintained offsite on diskette, via FIRMA’s office manager.