Communications & Technology Committee


The Communications & Technology Committee consists of up to eight (8) active FIRMA members. All members must be in good standing. One member will be the current Executive Director of FIRMA, as a non-voting member, and at least one member will be a current member of the Board of Directors of FIRMA. The Board member will chair (or may co-chair) the committee. New committee members will be invited by soliciting the Board and the membership for possible candidates to serve. Although there is no term limit, committee members are required to serve the committee for an initial term of 3 years.

Mission Statement:

Recognizing that the website is the one constant presence in the marketplace that represents FIRMA, it is critical that the website represents and supports the association’s overall goals and objectives.

In line with FIRMA’s objective to develop and maintain programs, benefits and services that enhance FIRMA membership, the website is considered a key technological tool to help achieve this objective. Specific objectives of the website committee are to:

  • Provide current and useful online member-driven information designed to enhance the value of FIRMA membership
  • Provide dynamic, specialized, and relevant information to our target market of fiduciary and investment risk management professionals
  • Increase non-dues revenue for the association through advertising and vendor services on our website
  • Promote the growth of the association through by developing a “best in class” resource website, for both members and non-members.


The Communications & Technology Committee will undertake various initiatives to achieve the objectives identified below. Specific activities of the committee will include but not be limited to:

  • Identify strategic initiatives for website and present to Board for review and approval.
  • Develop a priority listing of desired design and functionality enhancements
  • Identify and contract with appropriate third party services to update and enhance website design and content
  • Monitor discussion forum responses and make appropriate director assignments relative to the discussion forum
  • Coordinating with other committees in posting relevant information:
    • Development Committee: sponsor/exhibitor program, website advertising
    • Publications Committee: FIRMA Forum content
    • Education Committee: Training announcements
    • Marketing Committee: Membership growth programs
  • Review and analyze website statistics with a quarterly report to the Board.
  • Develop a program to review and maintain website – in conjunction with vendors and liaison
  • Special projects as identified by the Board.
  • Maintain records/minutes of all meetings and develop supporting documentation relative to the website.

Committee Meetings:

The Communications & Technology Committee will meet at least quarterly to review website statistics and continually focus on updating and upgrading the functionality and content of the website. Meetings may occur by conference call or face-to-face.