Publications Committee


The Publications Committee (PC) consists of at least six (6) active FIRMA members. All members must be in good standing. There are no term limits for PC members. Members will not be required to rotate on and off of the committee. Members can remove themselves or be removed by the committee as a whole for non-contribution (failure to serve and participate).

Mission Statement:

Through FIRMA’s commitment to educational excellence, we will be the premier fiduciary and investment risk management association in the financial services industry, providing a quarterly magazine, task and knowledge-based materials.

  • The PC is committed to researching member needs for educational, risk management tools and knowledge-based materials.
  • The PC is committed to providing fiduciary, investment, compliance, risk management and internal auditing task related and knowledge-based materials.
  • The PC is committed to address current fiduciary, investment, risk management, compliance issues by providing members with materials to assist in the performance of job functions.
  • The PC is committed to providing a quarterly magazine for the benefit of FIRMA’s members that contains material that is industry relevant and produced in a timely fashion.


The Board of Directors of FIRMA has delegated the process of developing task related, knowledge-based material and production oversight of the quarterly magazine to the Publications Committee. The Publication Committee will be responsible for the following:

  • Gathering and communicating web-based links that are industry related to our constituents.
  • Gathering information for magazine production.
  • Researching and developing materials that our constituents can use to help them perform their job. This includes but is not limited to work programs, checklists, questionnaires, assessment techniques and steps, policies and procedures.
  • Maintaining a library for best practices information for our constituents.
  • Delivering the publications either through the magazine, web-site, blast email or hard copy distribution if available.
  • Ensuring that the quarterly magazine is produced in a timely manner.
  • Providing support to the Education Committee as requested.
  • The chair of the Publications Committee has the responsibility of being the point person for the quarterly magazine production. This entails ensuring that deadlines are strictly adhered to and that all required information flows up to the editor of the magazine.

Committee Meetings:

The Publications Committee will meet quarterly via teleconference. Should a face-to-face meeting be desired or required, this will be discussed and approved by FIRMA's Board of Directors.