Member Value Committee



The Committee is comprised of at least one member of the Board of Directors of FIRMA and volunteers who are members in good standing. To provide some continuity on the Committee, members are asked to serve for at least a three-year term.


Mission Statement:

The Member Value Committee is established to provide a mechanism for communication between the Board of Directors and our members. The purpose of such communication is to assist the organization in retaining members and to provide a conduit to inform the Board of potential means of improving the value of FIRMA to our members.



Responsibilities of the Committee include requesting input from the members to determine if the educational opportunities, information, support and services provided by the organization are meeting the changing needs of our members.

The Committee also serves as an advocate for the membership by communicating the ideas, suggestions, and comments of our members to the FIRMA Board or the appropriate FIRMA Committee or Recipient.  Agreed-upon communication by the Member Value Committee, and any follow-up required, is documented and tracked within the Member Value Committee minutes.